Deep Dive – My 1:1 Signature Program

Reclaim your sense of self, dissolve your mindset blocks and step into your power.

‘I want to feel good enough as I am.’  ‘I want to stop self sabotaging.’  ‘I want to show up as myself in all areas of my life.’

These are some things I hear from my clients. At the start of our coaching journey they struggle with:

Behavioural patterns like people-pleasing, perfectionism or overachieving. Constantly adapting to make others happy.

Negative self-talk and knowing how to process difficult emotions.

Knowing how to build healthy relationships - attachment issues, commuincation, being too independent or dependent.

Expressing their feelings and needs to others and prioritizing their well-being.

Feeling disconnected from themselves or others.

Knowing how to work through their emotional triggers in a healthy, empowering way.

Many of my clients come to me feeling like they don’t belong and are too sensitive for the world. They’re exhausted by other people’s expectations and are so tired of caring so much what people think.

They’re also afraid. Afraid that this is all there is, afraid that they’ll never be accepted by people if they step into their full expression. And afraid that if they do start to prioritize themselves they’ll end up alone.

In every other are of life we are taught the skills we need to suceed and grow, but when it comes to self-love and relationships, most people are lost, feeling completely out of their debt.

We can’t know what we were never taught. I went through years of learning about self-love and relationships so I could stop being triggered and start showing up authentically. Implementing the healing and tools I learned has completely changed my life. I offer this work so you don’t have to go through the long, rocky road that I did.

You Are Not Alone

I understand what it’s like to feel emotionally unsafe in the world. I was that girl who would say yes before even checking in with myself, who would go above and beyond to prove myself in the workplace, who always tried to be tough and strong and keep it all together, when on the inside I was one judgement away from a nervous breakdown. I didn’t know how to take care of my own needs because I wasn’t even aware I had any. I didn’t know that I could embrace my sensitivity so instead I despised it for holding me back. Eventually I hit a breaking point, which led me to dive deep into healing my self sabotage and eventually to get certifications in Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming, so I could help others who felt the same way.

In my program I get to know you on the deepest level. I can help you to really understand your core beliefs and where your patterns are coming from, so we can develop a plan for how to move forward.

I created my Signature Program to help you do this.

I use a blended approach of spiritual psychology and mindset coaching to help you to process your emotions, heal old wounds and build self trust.

We’ll commit to creating space for your true essence to emerge so that you can show up authentically, without the pleasing, performing or perfecting.

As well as emotional processing work, I will provide tangible action steps and communication tools so that you can show up more assertively with others.

Each program is catered to your specific needs and tailored to help you to overcome your personal blocks.

When you have a more solid sense of who you are and learn how to shift the beliefs that are keeping you stuck, you can take action that feels more aligned. You can have relationships that feel mutually beneficial and you will have more confidence to give your opinions, take up space and ask for help and support when you need it.

This Is For You If:

You are ready to take back control of your life and emotions.

You want deeply fulfilling relationships as well as a strong sense of self.

You want to learn how to be kinder to yourself instead of constantly beating yourself up and feeling not good enough.

You identify as sensitive, intuitive, empathic or spiritual.

You want to develop a sense of inner peace and confidence that you can carry with you in all situations.

This is not a quick fix or a magic pill. It’s for those who are ready to take responsibility and dig deep into their beliefs and fears so they can create the life they know deep down they are meant for.

Lisa is a fantastic coach. Working with Lisa helped me to define healthier boundaries in my personal and professional relationships. My relationship improved with my boss because my reaction to the situation was more rational and empowered. I saw great benefits from being coached by her and would recommend working with Lisa to see real change in your mindset and behavioural patterns.

 – Annie B

Ways to work with me:

Individual 60 minute coaching sessions: €60 per hour

Learn how to communicate your needs and ask for what you want .

Clearly know what your no’s and yes’ are.

Separate other’s reactions from how you feel about yourself.

Set boundaries with people in your life - even your intimidating boss or sensitive mother.

Identify and break free from your unique fears, patterns or limited beliefs blocking you from speaking up.

Deepen your connection with yourself and improve your self trust.

Deep Dive

6 session 1:1 coaching package

Six 60 minute-long coaching sessions with me via zoom.

Sessions can be taken weekly, biweekly or as needed.

Email support between sessions.

Recommendations for additional resources to support you.

It only took two meetings with Lisa for me to realize I had power within myself to change areas of my life that had been holding me back from being who I deserve and want to be. Lisa is a light that shines on and on and always brings me to hitting the nail on the head. I've become stronger, more comfortable with my goals and selfish with my time and energy. The support I received was needed desperately. I have just signed up for another round of sessions with her. Best investment of time and money I've ever made.

 – Derek

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