Hey there, I think I know you

You know that you’re a good person, and that’s all you’ve ever tried to be.

In fact the thought of someone being angry or upset with you makes you want to crawl into a ball and cry. Problem is, you’re so busy trying to be easy-going and low maintenance that you forget what you actually care about. You just wish you knew how to speak up without the guilt and fear.

You second guess everything:

‘Is he annoyed at me?’ 

‘Does this message sound too harsh?’

And sometimes you get so exhausted trying to live up to other people’s massive expectations that you give up and isolate, which leaves you feeling even more lonely.

You want to be able to express yourself freely in the world, but it always seems like you have to choose between yourself and other people in your life.


Sound familiar? Welcome to a peak inside my brain.

I’m Lisa Redmond and I help sensitive, introverted women like you to speak up and set boundaries so you can improve your confidence and relationships.

I see you and I hear you because I was you . And I’ve been there. For years I tried to be the ‘good girl’, to do all the right things that I was supposed to do so other people would see my value. At work I would go above and beyond for employers who treated me like crap, I would make excuses for the hurtful behaviour of my boyfriends because I was terrified of losing them, my friendships were exhausting because I didn’t know how to speak up for myself and was always afraid that people would find out all the ‘bad’ things about me. Feeling like I was too sensitive for this world caused me to ‘armour up’ just to make it through; cue people-pleasing, performing and chronic over-achieving. Worst of all, none of it got me any closer to the happiness that society promised me.
Instead, I ended up burned out, resentful and disconnected from who I was.

My journey to overcome people pleasing was a rocky one.

Once I realized that all this was happening for a reason, I took the opportunity to dig deep and unlearn the beliefs that weren’t working, so I could live a life that actually felt true to me.

Over the space of three years I saw different therapists and coaches and developed a deep understanding of my trauma and how to heal it.

I threw myself into researching all things psychology, spirituality and mental health. Beyond that, I started to actually apply it and through lots of trial and error, I found what works.

I knew I had to share what I was learning with others and so I became certified as a Life Coach, Teacher and Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I found work that was more fulfilling and went from toxic relationships to a long term healthy partnership. In fact all of my relationships improved.

I found my way out of the disease to please and started to step into my power – Turns out it was there all along.

I believe that we all have a unique essence and I’m obsessed with helping people break free from their social conditioning so they can get back to theirs. I do this work because I know it’s possible. I know there’s life outside of the hustling, perfecting, pleasing, numbing and isolating. Those patterns are not who you are. They are just what kept you safe.

I want you to feel brave enough to speak your truth

I want you to have the kind of unshakable confidence you thought was reserved for ‘tougher’ people.

I want you to feel completely seen, heard and valued in your relationships.

I want you to believe that your thoughts, opinions, feelings and dreams are just as important as everyone else's, because they are!

Above all I want you to know that it’s possible. If I could do it, so can you.

A few random tidbits about me:

I’m from Ireland but never stay in the same place for too long – as a result I’ve lived in New York, Portugal and Germany. Still trying to decide where’s next.

I’m a complete feather brain and have a terrible memory – except when it comes to song lyrics. I know the words of any song within a few minutes of hearing it.

Before I found my calling as a coach I worked as an ESL teacher. You don’t know hard work until you have to explain what the word ‘means’ means to a 50 year old Brazilian man.

I’m constantly singing and dancing, much to the embarrassment of my friends when they take me anywhere.

I’m a complete introvert but can masquerade as an extravert when the mood takes me. I can be the life and soul of the party – as long as the party only lasts 2 hours and I can retreat into my shell afterwards.


What’s going on in your mind? Are you falling into patterns of people pleasing, overthinking and perfectionism? Do you feel like your relationships could be more fulfilling? Do you know you have a lot to offer but hold yourself back?

Check out my 1:1 programs and hop on a free consultation call. I got you.