Life Decoded

I help sensitive, introverted women to speak up and set boundaries, so they can improve their confidence and relationships.

Maybe You Can Relate:

Your life is mostly good, but sometimes you struggle with feeling connected, communicating openly, setting boundaries and generally putting yourself first.

You’re constantly trying to keep everyone else happy, often at the expense of yourself. As a result you feel unappreciated, drained and completely disconnected from what you really want.

You hold back from fear of what others will think, and you’re terrified to step into your full expression. You’ve spent so long adapting that you can’t move forward in your career, have the relationships you want or even take care of your own needs.

You’ve read all the self help books but you stuggle with knowing how to actually apply the learnings and take consistant action towards change.

You’re SO READY to stop feeling:

EXHAUSTED – From taking care of everyone’s needs above your own.

FRUSTRATED – that you keep repeating the same patterns.

SAD – because you can’t seem to escape your inner critic.

LONELY – because you shut people out instead of asking for help.

I know how you feel, because I lived most of my life this way. I people-pleased, performed and over-achieved constantly in an attempt to feel ‘good enough’. And it never worked. Until I got to the emotions underneath the ‘protection patterns’ and re-learned healthier coping strategies.

You see, these protection patterns – the people pleasing, overachieving, numbing, avoiding, supressing and isolating – they get you so far in life. But they eventually leave you feeling burned out, resentful and disconnected from yourself.

As a trained Life Coach and NLP Practitctioner I’m here to help you to reprogram and heal your social conditioning, so instead you can have:

COURAGE- to speak up and articulate your needs – guilt-free!

CONFIDENCE – to go after the things that you truely want in life.

CLARITY – on your patterns, beliefs and triggers, so you can respond rather than react.

FREEDOM – to be 100% yourself in all of your relationships.