Life Decoded

I offer holistic, trauma-informed Life Coaching to connect you back to your true self.

Your patterns are not who you are

They are just what kept you safe. My coaching approach recognizes that each person has a true essence that can never be touched. However because of trauma and socialization, this essence can get ‘covered up’ by protective patterns and coping strategies.

In our attempts to stay safe, we engage in patterns such as:

  • People-pleasing
  • Perfectionism
  • Overworking/ overachieving
  • Highly critical self talk
  • Avoidance/numbing out
  • Controlling our environments or people
  • Unhealthy relationship dynamics

What you call self-sabotage, I call self protection. All this self protection can lead to a dysregulated nervous system and eventual burn out. It can leave you feeling:

You’re SO READY to stop feeling:

EXHAUSTED – From taking care of everyone’s needs above your own.

FRUSTRATED – that you keep repeating the same patterns.

SAD – because you can’t seem to escape your inner critic.

LONELY – because you shut people out instead of asking for help.

I know how you feel, because I lived most of my life this way. I people-pleased, performed and over-achieved constantly in an attempt to feel ‘good enough’. I was constantly burning out, had chronic fatigue and would vacilate between overwhelm and depression. I went to every therapist and doctor I could find, but things didn’t shift until I understood what was really happening. I was stuck in fight or flight and playing out old patterns based on a lack of self-worth.

As a trained Life Coach, NLP Practitctioner and Certified Trauma Support Specialist, I’m here to help you to heal, integrate and thrive, so instead you can have:

COURAGE- to speak up and articulate your needs – guilt-free!

CONFIDENCE – to go after the things that you truely want in life.

CLARITY – on your patterns, beliefs and triggers, so you can respond rather than react.

FREEDOM – to be 100% yourself in all of your relationships.